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Personal protective equipment and the COVID-19 pandemic

in Blogs: Recently, there has been a lot of news regarding the availability or unavailability of personal protective equipment. However, not as much attention has been paid to whether healthcare professionals have been trained correctly in putting on (donning) and taking off (doffing) the equipment.

Standards of care in the Covid-19 crisis

in Blogs: COVID-19 has put enormous strain on healthcare systems around the world. Many healthcare professionals have found themselves in the middle of this crisis and are wondering where to turn for help. Care must also be evidence-based - although, at the start of an outbreak, there may not be a great deal of evidence on which to base decisions.

COVID-19: Medical education during an infectious disease outbreak

in Blogs: COVID 19 can affect patients of all ages. So how do we help medical students and junior doctors learn about new infectious disease outbreaks, and at the same time keep them and their contacts safe from infection?

Improving quality improvement in communicable and non-communicable disease

in Blogs: There is a great deal of room for improvement in the delivery of healthcare. According to an analysis by Makary and Daniel, if medical error was a disease, it would be the third leading cause of death - following heart disease and cancer.

Health systems strengthening: is task shifting the answer to better global health?

in Blogs: There is a global shortage of doctors and little optimism that this shortage will be made up any time soon. Those responsible for human resources for health have come up with a variety of solutions to this problem—one of which is task-shifting.

WHO recommendations on digital clinical decision support for health system strengthening

in Blogs: The WHO has recently published recommendations on the use of digital clinical decision support for health system strengthening. Clinical decision support is a recognised tool to improve the performance of healthcare professionals in diagnosis and management.

Contextualised and evidence based health systems strengthening

in Blogs: Contextualised and evidence-based health systems strengthening The principles of evidence-based medicine demonstrate shortcomings in the current research around health systems strengthening, says Kieran Walsh EBM Live is a conference that aims to make evidence “relevant and replicable for policy, patients…

Public private partnerships and value for money investments in health system strengthening

in Blogs: Health systems strengthening has been defined as “any array of initiatives and strategies that improves one or more of the functions of the health system and that leads to better health through improvements in access, coverage, quality, or…

Influenza sans frontieres

in Blogs: Infectious disease pandemics start in a single country and then spread – slowly or quickly – around the world until they become global. The enablers for their spread are human beings. This has led many…

Strengthening primary health care: when soft skills are hard

in Blogs: Soft skills in healthcare are those of communication, team-working, and collaboration. These skills are essential if we are to transfer academic knowledge of medicine to clinical practice that will impact patient care. Soft skills always get a mention…
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